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Making Expanding Your Business Our Business

CPH Promotion is a company that specializes in helping companies expanding their businesses in an easy way.

By choosing cph Promotion as your business partner you will be able to focus on your core business.  

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Company branded covers

Today a lot of companies are spending a huge amounts of money on smartphones for their staff. By putting a branded high quality phone cover on your employees' smartphones, you are not only reducing costs on repairs, you are also gaining a unique way of branding your company wherever your employees go. All of course in best available quality.

You won't risk having your brand damaged by cheap products. We make sure you get the best.

Save money on repairs & get branded everywhere! 

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The best available quality 

We only use the best IDT 3D technology available to decorate smartphones and tablet cases. Decoration is full wrap 3D, extending around the 3D surface of the finished part using the highest resolution full colour printing technology available.

Big brands choose our technology, because it is the best quality available. 

New Products

By cooperating with IDT Systems and WOYC ApS, we ensure that new case products are continually released in time with device release. We make sure the most relevant cases are available to the market to match market demand.

Case structure and material

Case products are made from very high specification Amorphous Polymers, the same materials used on space missions and on bicycle helmets.


Systems and consumables are produced in an ISO 9000 ISO 14000 environment. They are ROHs & REACH compliant. The printing is done in Europe. All cases are manufactured in Korea for supreme quality and consistency. 

Global delivery

By working with global producers we ensure highest quality all over the world. 



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