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Making Expanding Your Business Our Business

CPH Promotion is a company that specializes in helping companies expanding their businesses in an easy way.

By choosing cph Promotion as your business partner you will be able to focus on your core business.  

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Get your own Hotel Boutique

Most travelers have experienced the inconvenience of forgetting essential things when they pack their suitcases, ruining their favorite shirt with morning coffee or finding a hole in their last pair of socks. Many travelers have experienced how difficult it can be to track down products in a decent quality, in a new town, and often there's no time before attending an important business meeting or dinner. Where to go? There is no time to go shopping - so what do they do?

Very few hotels offer the service to buy high quality basics to their guests and very understandably; retailing is not their core business.

We make it easy!

We are offering high quality shirts, socks, underwear, wellness products etc. The package can include presentation material for the reception counter and flyers to give to the guests when they check-in. Also we are very happy to assist with any graphic material for presenting the products/concept/brands on in-house TV-channel as well as producing brochures for your hotel rooms.

By informing guests about this service upon arrival, they are not only saving time & trouble - it also gives the hotel a unique possibility to earn  extra - while offering guests a great service.



High end brands - all ready to go!

By choosing CPH Promotion as your partner, you don't have to worry about finding the right products & brands at the right prices. We work only with the best international brands, ensuring both you and your guests a great service and the best quality.

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Some of the brands and products available

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